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Mooring Chandlery & Splicing

Flag Alpha Commercial Divers hold in stock a large range of components commonly used in marine applications.

This includes:

  • 8 Platt ropes
  • 3 strand ropes
  • Tested shackles
  • Tested swivels
  • Surface buoys
  • Thimbles
  • Chains – galvanized and stainless steel

Other items such as anodes can be sourced and supplied upon request.

Our shop also carries a range items such as wetsuits, neoprene boots, fins, masks and assorted equipment associated with the marine/diving industry.

We stock the famous Victory Green River Knives and scabbards ideal for commercial divers and the marine industry in general.  They are available in a range of sizes and styles however we keep in stock the 2 most popular which are the  10cm blunt tip and the 17cm point tip.  Green River knives are manufactured from quality stainless steel with superior cutting ability and are extremely effective in cutting 8 platt ropes and steel wire.

Splicing services, including 8 platt ropes are usually charged per splice.