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Mooring Installations/Inspections

Flag Alpha Commercial Divers designed, installed and maintain the moorings for the ex HMAS Brisbane off Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast as well as providing safety inspections and engineering reports on the dive site itself.  We also inspect on an annual basis moorings for Queensland Transport and work closely with Maritime Safety in providing an installation and inspection service for potential and current holders of private moorings authorised by Maritime Safety Queensland.

We can provide mooring installation and inspection services for the whole of South East Queensland covering Bundaberg to the north and as far south as the Gold Coast.

Each installation is designed specifically to suit the requirements of your vessel and the mooring site.  All components used are tested to Australian Standards and mooring buoys supplied are as per recommendations by Maritime Safety Queensland.

As a requirement by Maritime Safety Queensland and for your own peace of mind moorings should be inspected on an annual basis.  This ensures components are not wearing prematurely or that any debris has become entangled in your mooring line causing damage.  An inspection is also particularly important either just prior to or after severe weather events.  Each inspection is conducted by qualified ADAS divers who specialise in this area.  A written and photographic report is supplied with each inspection with recommendations if wear falls below the accepted level.

Private moorings in Queensland are managed by Maritime Safety Queensland and you need authorization before installation of a mooring.  Information and contact details can be found at this website address –


You will also find the mooring application form which can be downloaded before sending to the relevant office for your particular area.

See our FAQ page for some commonly asked questions in regards to moorings.

For quotes and prices please contact our office on Ph 5486 8004.