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As professional divers it is a requirement of current ADAS certification to be fully trained in First Aid and Oxygen provision in emergency situations.

As a First Aid Instructor, Kev also provides training and certification in the provision of first aid conducted under the auspices of PADI RTO - RTO:6729. All courses are recognized by Workplace Health and Safety in Australia.

Courses are scheduled as required and can also be conducted at your own premises for larger groups.

Provide First Aid HLTAID003

This course includes Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automatic External Defibrillation and is valid in the workplace for 3 years however the CPR component must be updated every 12 months for the certification to be valid. On-line theory is completed by the student prior to attendance in the classroom however if you still have a current certification in the same or equivalent course then on-line theory is not required to be completed prior to classroom attendance.

Duration: 1 Day plus on-line theory


Perform CPR HLTAID001

CPR training is designed to help participants achieve competency in resuscitation. Participants are trained in the management of the unconscious victim and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Duration: 3 hours


Oxygen First Aid

This course involves provision of oxygen in diving accidents. There are various scenarios practiced using equipment to cover all emergency situations. It is a pre-requisite in Australia that each student must have a CPR certification to participate in this course